22 February 2012

Mother Know Best

I finally I talked to my mum about the problem i'm facing. Illiy said, "call la mak kau minta dia tolong doa. Doa ibu ni makbul." I rarely confess my problems with mother because well, who want to see their mother in worry? I called my mum just now. She said, lately since i'm not at home, she always hear me calling her. Like I used to do when i wake up in the morning I usually looking for my mum. Like I called her when I want my mother to watch tv with me.

And there.... I told my problem regarding the prof I wrote in the last entry. She said, don't worry just do dzikir and praise to Rasulullah (p.b.u.h.). always dzikir Ya Latiff, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim. Hoping that my prof will change her mind. InsyaAllah. Thank you, mother. You always know how to comfort me.

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