28 April 2012

My Sister's Keeper

i'm feeling of doing nothing today. i browsed my videos and watched this story.

this really shows how the try to survive. fighting to win their lives. but least number of them are succeed. i mustn't say life in unfair. But the hardest thing is to face the truth. the truth that we lost our beloved. this story is so deep to me. so deep. this is the good one.

even we say we moved on in our live, believe me we actually didn't. what happened to Dudu and me wasn't a mistake. but i made a mistake. I stay but i never stick when he needed me.  i said i try but actually i never. i said i wanted to be there so much but i was afraid. too bad. i live with regrets.

at some point, i don't understand why Dudu had to die and i got to live. but i get the clue now. once upon a time, i thought i've put a weigh to save Dudu. At the end, death is death. now I realize that i had a boyfriend. and he was fantastic. one day I'm sure i'll see him again. until then, our relationship continues.

am i missing him so much? no, it's too huge. hardly described by words. Alfatihah for Nabil bin Saharuddin.

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