21 December 2011

Emotional Bomb Ticking

Illiy once said, you'll never get that restful if you're sitting alone in your room. well said, Illiy. when i was in room alone i easily get emotional problem. it's like dynamic as it turned up and down and sometimes upside down. well, i haven't seen Illiy about 5 days. she texted me this afternoon saying that,

May, semalam aku mimpi ketiak kau bernanah, pastu aku tolong kau buang nanah tu, cucuk dengan jarum, kau sihat ke?

well, maybe this is another gross friendship words you've been heard about but hey, it is really nice to hear once you received it. *hah, nak nangis. kan dahhh*

and this late evening, i saw along changed her marital status on facebook to 'married'. i was so vulnarable to swallow the truth. it's like, Along, will, get, married.....soon. how many months left? oh it's 3!  i have been thinking, will we have another late night chat, or having a family dinner anymore? well maybe yes, if there's a will. InsyaAllah. I'll always looking for that. then what touches me so deep in the heart was this.

Ain Amirah jgnla cmtu. sebak rase ehem. sampai masa kamu pun begitu jua. tapi kene tunjuk along dulu hah!!! promise?

well, i love you, Along. May happiness showers your life till the end. 

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