06 January 2012

May Strength Always Be With Ya

I can say that we are brothers by blood. Walaupun Ain bukan lelaki yang asli. Tapi Ain seboleh-boleh acting like a brother to you. In case you feel like you have incomplete family for not having a brother, I'll be there to be your ones.

We're not that intimate like you and Yana. who you can have big laugh with. who you can have big fight with. who you can have scream war with. And your partner in doing insane crimes and attitudes. But one thing for sure, I'll be there in your need of help.

I may not be the ear who really listen to your heartaches and fear. I may not be the shoulder where you'll cry on. But I'll be the best teacher to take your hand and make you stand up strong in this Earth. I'll be the catalyst so you will awake from your fear. I'm here to give you missions and you'll taste the sweetness for accomplishing them in your life.

Why to feel regret to have someone like you? Never.

get well soon, brother! kuatkan semangat sikit. your journey is so far to reach the terminal. you haven't reach the peak yet.

**you'll never how a sister loves his only kid brother she ever has.

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