07 December 2012

Pangkor With Love

Few weeks ago, i went to Lumut as I was invited by Nik Iqa  visiting her sister. It's been many times Kak Long invited me to her house but only this time I've got the chance to come over to Lumut. I wonder why what so hard to go all this time. Then, I went to Lumut and have so much great times with Nik Iqa's family.

We went to Pasar Malam twice. Wow! Ek eleh, pasar malam je.. Well, u'll never know how Pasar Malam is  heaven to me. There are some kuih that i never expect to be sold there and i just grabbed them. For example, kuih cucur yang warna coklat tu. Mak Long selalu buat, jarang jumpa orang lain jual. and kuih cakuey, how it is spelled i dont know actually. cakuey pun okay la janji paham kan.

The first day I went there, I was a lil bit of homesick. Hahaha! Macam pergi asrama je. Got no mood because mom and Dad were not around. Yeah, I'm always like that. it's like whenever I go to new place I've never been without my parents, I'm kinda homesick for a little while. But then, when I start to adapt myself, nahhh kau menggila lupa mak bapak dahh.

and for the first time I went to Pangkor with Nik Iqa's pact. I never believe I went there actually because no guardian to guide us. HAHAHA ingat kau kecik lagi ke Ain Amirah. In fact, I brought along children there. Oh My!!! I'm the guardian! here some the pictures we've taken there.

Before departure. RM10 for adult and RM6 for children. Yes, RM10 pergi dan balik. We took ferry from Lumut because it much cheaper than having ferry from Marina Island.

this is when we were not ready. Really shows how we are behind the camera actually. Sorang suka senyum, sorang suka bercakap tak berhenti dan sorang lagi....em sedang layan diri sendiri.

We are here bebeh.

Before hop on the ferry. Saya memang gergasi antara semua makhluk seantero dunia. Ada mak kisah? (Sebenarnye mak kisah nok)

in the ferry. Isya (on my right) was feeling sick that time but she doesn't seem like one kan? awesome adik kakak ni..

this is aliaa. She's not much in the pictures. She's the one who always snap our pictures. She's nice i tell u.

Women behind the trip. kikiki. Si model memang terserlah sifat kemodelannya. si tudung pink terpaksa posing persis ibu-ibu.

It's very nice sightseeing at Pangkor.

Irwansyah is sort of photogenic kan? Muka innocent je senyum. Yang model tetap pose model. Isya and Me hanya prop sahaja -,-

Irwansyah suka sangat ambil gambar dengan orang. tengok haa sampai tak sempat-sempat nak masuk gambar orang. haha

on our way back home.

Nik Iqa and me

I'm having a great time at Lumut. getting to know new people is really a magnificent experience. Thanks Nik Iqa for lending me her family to cheer me up on the weekend. looking forward for next sweet escape :)

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