14 May 2012

Awesome Teammates

ALHAMDULILAH 5th semester almost reach its end. banyak kuliah dah habis. tinggal nak discuss past years questions sajo. Hari ni semangat study kurang sikit. Supposed we have our Calculus 2 3rd Test today. Unfortunately, one of us was absent. So Dr Teh postponed our test to this Thursday. Besides my Plant Physiology lecture was last-minutely-cancelled (suka hatilah grammar gua). only I know on upon arrival to lecture hall. phew! so less orgasm towards study today. and and an I skipped my Differential Equation lecture this afternoon. hihu! Mr Stephen would probably kill me if he found out this. and here here here I would like to hail for my awesome teammates in BBT 213 Plant Physiology laboratory group. we've been through rough works with all our attention towards this laboratory works every fortnightly. huh. it's all DONE! lemme introduce to you guys my dream team members.

le group leader : Oin Omiroh. 

Kak I-Mi. i dunno how to pronounce her name actually. I just use, "kak mi, tolong itu. kak mi tolong ini" hehe

my favourite adik, Adik Dila. The cutest creature in our group. She's so niceeee.

the most handsome creature in our group (after me), Wang. yelar dia sorang je lelaki. kalau takde dia semua orang termasuk akakk ni jugak berat bontot nak start buat practical. 

the person in yellow is Biehah @ Cik Bie. the tiniest among all of us. dilarang mengambil gambar sebelah dia. nescaya anda akan berasa low self esteem yang teramat.

and finally my favourite person in group would be Tsuey May! May squared. who I always play with in this lab. Plus, only both of us are education students in le group -,-

on the last lab session, we've been done this. which is so much fun fun fun than the pasts 4 lab sessions.

marshed ripe papaya

chopping unripe papaya.

power tak akak buat? ngehngehngeh

marshed them again.

 and they did the titration while boiling it. ini team titrate merangkap team secretary.

rewang sambil gossiping. biasa..

rewang team.

congratulation guys for accomplishing this lab sessions. it was such a wonderful work we have. we did the best for this course. thanks for your cooperation throughout this semester. see you on our graduation day. isk!isk!isk! walaupun mereka junior, mereka graduate sama-sama dengan kami.

 MayMay - Tsuey May - Dila - Kak I-mi -Biehah - Wang


cumulunimbus said...

yg tepi skali tuh cool...kah3

maybill said...

kau kah3 macam tak ikhlas je. haha