22 June 2012

Long Live The Queen

well, it is examination fever now. you'll find out every second is money now. getting to your laptop, turn it on, waiting for the windows, facing slow internet, drowning in fb land, these make you think twice to go blogging. what I really want to share is the moment when I've got the chance to look after @ nursing my nearly-90-year-old-granny when my mum is away for holiday.

It really such a great moment when you realized that yes, you can be better than who might think you are in present. You the one who always wake up in the afternoon (just an example), seldom doing house chores (another example), a kitchen-loser (additional example) but in the constrained situation, you actually could do all the stuff by yourselves. all it takes is courage and sincerity. Deep in my heart I would loveee to blame my maid for doing all the house chores until we got nothing work to do in that house. He's good, people. (Yes he is Him). Somehow i'm grateful and glad he's working with our family. Thank You, Abang Mar.

The point is,If you got the chance to nurse the elderly, take this opportunity so that you can feel what they really feel and understands what's left inside them in their age. what they capable of doing and what their needs. This teaches me a great sense of humanity and responsibility as a youngster. Can't wait to meet my granny this holiday. For the first time ever, I will see my granny first before my mum when I reach hometown this holiday. InsyaAllah. 

my granny and her first great-grandchildren. both are sweethearts <3

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