27 March 2012

Beloved Puan Shahira Saharuddin

ok ready? go!

here is what the big event i talked about. 17th of March is when my sister got married. not really related by blood. but she's my deary sister by heart. yes, she's Along. Nabil's sister. we're kinda real family since Dudu brought me into his house. I'm so honored as invited as her family members. Doing lil bit last-minutes preparation and boo-hoo! i'm in her wedding photographs sessions. that does matter ok! LOL. here's some sneak peak from the session. 

 Along was ready to jump as well but the photog said, 'pengantin tak payah la lompat skali'. cool as that my Along.
 from left : May, Hanan, Along, Kek Eqa pengapit, Ezza and Effy
 well, i know my dagu was doing more than her job. -,-
 my best performance by far. *raise right eyebrow*
 Abang Firdaws always gives the sweetest treats to his bride that day. Lucky Along :)
 Very fortunate. I met Liyana Muhammad. She was coming with her lil sister and mommy. She's way so tiny. I feel embarrass standing next to her coz obviously i'm way tooooo gemoks! mujur buat pose sisi. Pose Puan Elizabeth yang ajar.
 from here, the pictures were taken by our cameras.. so the picture quality is not that satisfying. but as long as there still our faces in it, let's don't care much. 
 Still at Pullman, Putrajaya.
 And now at Masjid Besi. need to be reminded, this is our cameras so no other faces can u see rather than our's. Telan airliur banyakbanyak kalau nak muntah.

 praktis untuk my time nikah nanti in future. kehkehkeh
 no actually i just like my sleeves so much. that the motive of this picture.
 Kek Eqa yang comel and sweet. Along's BFF since small.

 Entah masa bila dia sempat menyelit kat camera kitorang? Tengok suami dia dah nak ready for another photoshoot.

So, that's during the bride's side. I'm not attend the groom's reception at Kepong a week after. You know Penang And KL sometimes can be so far away because my shortage of money -,-. But I watched their reception on TV1 when Along asked me to. I was surprised seeing her with Abang Daws on my screen! she's so beautiful in her garment. I shouted to the whole room, "my Sister! that's my sister!" amboi riak sungguh!. 

anyway, congratulations,Along. Be a good wife. I know u'll be the coolest wife ever. May happiness showers your life till the end. (I've said this before, right?) 


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